Our Proposal

Just over 7 months ago, Jordan's best friends had a baby. Because of our crazy schedules I hadn't had the chance to meet him, and finally we were able to schedule a date to go visit Matt, Lizzie, & Liam in Lancaster! 

Lizzie is also a photographer, and she told us she had just gotten a new camera and since we were already coming to visit, she asked to practice on us, which didn’t phase me because we've had our photos taken so many times. We were being indecisive about what to wear, and Lizzie suggested "why not get fancy!?" Honestly, I was thinking to myself... I'm gonna be freezing in a dress, outside mid-November but I'll stop I stopped at Ross and see if I can find anything cheap. I NEVER have luck at Ross, but ended up finding this stunning navy Ralph Lauren gown {thanks, Jesus} so I sent Liz & Jordan a quick picture of it from the fitting room and they both said GET IT! So I thought, why not get a gown that I can also wear to a formal Christmas party we have coming up? I mean a $300 dress for $40? Yes, please. 

I don't have a steamer, and the dress was fairly wrinkly, so I asked Jordan to bring his steamer so I could just try to fix it up a bit. Guess who forgot his steamer, but didn't realize until we were already in Lancaster!? ...I was super annoyed, just to be honest. He had ONE job (in my head). Jordan even ended up wearing Matt's clothes for the photos cause his were so wrinkly. Poor kid was STRESSED. Clearly, all worked out and I decided that none of that stuff really mattered anyway cause these are "just for fun" photos. 

When we got to Marietta Furnace, Lizzie insisted that I stay in the car to stay warm while she tests her light on Jordan (Again, another photographer 101 thing that didn't phase me because I would have done the same thing). In reality, they were deciding exactly where things were going to happen and prayed together before I came over. 

We took some photos together, then Liz pulled me aside to take photos of just me and Jordan just stood in the distance. I was looking at Lizzie so I didn't notice anything fishy...

Obviously, now I know Liz pulled me aside so Jordan would have time to get the ring out and what not. Lizzie then placed me in a different spot, and he came up to me and handed me a journal. His line was "I brought a prop cause it matches everything!" ...really, babe? how are we actually gonna incorporate this and why? (I'm awful). Then he told me I had to read the first page and THATS when I knew what was going on. 

I read the note, but didn’t process a word I was reading. The last line was "I have one more question to ask you..." and then I looked around like OH. MY. GOSH. this is happening!! He got down on his knee and I hardly remember what he said to me afterward cause I was focusing so hard on listening for the question. Of course I said "YES!!" and we just literally just laughed for the rest of our photos. No tears, just pure joy. 

It felt like I was reading and he was talking FOREVER before he actually popped the question, and he says it went by so quickly! Crazy how perspectives can make things feel so different! Looking back, I can't believe I didn't figure this out from how he's been acting the last few weeks, but I'm really glad I didn't! I was most surprised by how many people knew it was happening that day (because, of course, once Jordan had the ring he couldn’t keep it to himself) and how I was still completely clueless. Well played you guys, well played.

the best is yet to come!

a HUGE thank you to Lizzie from Elizabeth Moore Photography and her hubby, Matt, for helping Jordan plan and documenting our big moment! And our course, our honorary nephew Liam for being the cutest excuse to visit and smiling for the camera!