Steph & Jordan: Engagement


First of all, let me point out how many times life goes seldom how we intend and how God's plan is always just better. 

When we first started wedding planning, I knew I wanted to hire my sweet friend, Becka, to do our wedding photos. We had worked together for many years and I credit so much of my own photography to her. All was well until one morning I was just thinking about how I would much rather her attend our wedding and be able to enjoy it and not have to "work." That same morning Jordan came across a wedding photography giveaway run by Compass Wedding Co. where we could submit our love-story and possibly win free photos! Can't go wrong with that, right? So both wrote up our own version of the story and a few days later we got an e-mail! Although we hadn't won free photos, they had chosen us as runners up and would give us 50% off! After discussing pricing, we decided to go for it! 

The next step was for me to talk to Becka and tell her that we had decided to go with another photographer. *insert all the knots in my gut* When I texted Becka that I wanted to chat, she also was preparing to talk to me and tell me that she couldn't shoot our wedding because her and her sweet family were moving to Arkansas! This is literal insanity, guys. She told me how our wedding was the one thing putting a damper on their move date and she felt so bad - to which I was able to reply - GOD IS CRAZY, WE JUST BOOKED ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER! I explained the whole thing, and what a relief it was for the both of us.

That brings us to this summer. Because Compass is from Florida we were unable to do our free engagement session - so we thought this was the perfect time to have Becka come and take some photos for us before their big move. We had the most perfect session in our apartment. Made coffee, danced, snuggled, and did ALOT of laughing.

I am so thankful for this session and wouldn't have had it any other way! (Even though I maybe had planned to get really dressed up, but the dress I ordered didn't fit and the weather forecast was rain all day...) - Just another God-thing, and He clearly knew better than us! Enjoy! xo