Spring Farm Sessions

Once the weather gets nice, I try to make sure that my new associates get a chance to train in a low-key, fun environment. Emily is joining us this year at HLP and she's been on a few sessions with me so far and has shown exceptional talent and drive for the job. She was the perfect person to take and "train" for this spring session of Jordan and I, but in reality, her eye for detail is amazing and she did a great job without my help! Here's a little from her... xo

PS. I forgot to mention that this shoot (like many others) was all Jordan's idea. He loved forcing me to be in front of the camera instead of behind it... 

I started getting into photography at 14 years old. Whenever I hung out with friends it went without saying that we'd be doing multiple photoshoots together.  We would trudge through the woods in the snow and the sun to do them because there was a wide open field behind my backyard. I got hooked on photography and I never stopped. In 9th grade I decided to try to get into a performing arts high school, and I did. I took a wide range of classes from backstage theatre, to fashion design, to graphic design & photography- both of which I took for 3 years. Photography has always been my dream; to take pictures for a living just sounds amazing. I've been a barista for almost 4 years now and I met Jordan as one of my regulars at Starbucks. When I found out that his girlfriend, Steph, was a photographer I literally could not contain myself. Working with Steph is a dream come true in my book, and photographing Steph and Jordan together was also a dream. They are perfect together and there is so much magic between them. I am so grateful to have met Steph and am so excited to be learning and growing under Hazel Lining Photography. -Emily