Jordan & Steph


"Our memories dust the river bank

Like fresh leaves on the first day of Autumn

Inspired. Our reflections graze the ripples

As the wind calmly caresses the water

We've only just begun


Inspiration grasps me like the light in your eyes

It never fades while you're by my side

Magic. It's the warm hue that the sun exudes

And the flutter I feel whenever I see you

You're my favorite dream


Majesty is in the words we reserve

As we grow tired and the stars illuminate the sky

Safe. Forgetting the darkness as we focus on the heavens

It's like God made the vast dark blue

Just for these moments


Safety is knowing you see me

You hold me as the night cultivates the dawn

Reality. We are made aware how fallible we are

But God knew this all along

And He still brought me to you"


**suggested music for your viewing pleasure: Sleeping At Last, Atlas: Year One 

{All photographs taken by the very talented, David Zimmer & edited by Steph Reif. See Dave's take of these photographs in the future and follow his insta gallery!}