Emily & Paul

Emily & Paul got married in London and came back to Emily’s hometown to have a celebration with all of their local friends and family!

Their home reception was based off of their actual wedding day, with a mix of classic English wedding (think Downton Abbey!) with elements of whimsy and quirky all mixed with London elements - a giant red post box, red double decker bus table settings, and custom tube station table signage! Their wedding day went a little something like this…

We got married in Waltham Abbey, a 12th century church (where I was Christened as a baby) in front of 130 guests. I walked down the aisle with my Mom and Dad and sister to 'I was Glad' by Parry, performed by a full choir and trumpeter - the same song Kate Middleton chose to walk down the aisle to at her wedding. Vintage double decker buses stocked with Prosecco then took our guests to an 18th century library (The Octagon, Queen Mary University Library) where we had dinner, drinks and SOOO much dancing. —Emily

They informed me during their portrait session here (which was a cold afternoon followed quickly by freezing rain) that their wedding day was one of the hottest they’ve ever experienced in London. So it only made sense to have their ceremony during the coldest Thanksgiving ever. We took their portraits at Canal Park in Allentown… where we raced to not get hit by a train on a very active railway. They were fun and playful and their day was lovely! Enjoy! xo