Elizabeth & Andrew

Okay, okay. Bear with me as I try to stop blubbering as I type this.

Saturday, my BEST FRIEND got married! Now, August has been filled with only friend's weddings, which has been super fun. But this is just everything. Liz has been my best friend since jr. high and going through the wedding planning process together has been one of life's greatest blessings. 

The day was full of hustle and bustle, excitement, but most importantly: DANCING. All Liz wanted for her wedding day (besides marrying the love of her life) was a killer dance party, and boy did she get it (thanks DJ Tim). Plus, I've decided that theres no better thing in the world then to have tacos delivered right to a wedding dance floor. Seriously...it was amazing.

It was such an incredible honor to not only stand by her side as her maid-of-honor, but also photograph her and Drew as they entered into this new covenant together. I still can hardly believe how beautiful the weather was after how hot this week as been. Liz looked the most beautiful that she has ever been and watching her and Drew together just had me gushing all day long. Enjoy! xo

>>Huge shoutout to Rachel Betson for being my eyes behind the camera when I had other duties!