when i was young, i found a quarter with a very small, intricate tree carved into it.

this tree.

only to discover later that it had been carved into the quarter by my great grandfather - a jeweler.

what a perfect representation of growth and change over the years, and i knew right away that i needed to make it my trademark.

with that, came the task of creating the name of my business that matched my vision.


Starting out, I knew that I wanted other photographers to work with me so i definitely didn’t want my name to be on all the photographs - that didn’t feel fair.

To graduate college, we had to come up with a five year business plan so that’s really where all of this stemmed from. i took it as seriously as possible because i wanted real critiques from my photo & business professors.

so alas, my research began.

i researched different types of trees in greek mythology - because, i had to incorporate the tree somehow! When i came across the hazel tree, i loved what it stood for.

The hazel tree is often associated with

wisdom and inspiration;

&& it is known to see things both subjectively and objectively, seeing the viewpoints of all beings.

what a perfect depiction of photography! as photographers, we need to make sure we take our point of view as well as our clients’ to create the perfect result.


“Every Cloud

has a silver lining”


Clouds have always been one of my favorite parts of creation.

so when i’m out and about and I see the sun go behind the trees,

creating that perfect outline & definition,

i am in instant awe.

so what better way to incorporate my favorite part of the world into my business!

so here we are, still six years later…

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thank you for your support!

we wouldn’t be here without YOU!