Summer Shore Sessions

This summer has been absolutely insane, which is not a bad problem to have as a photographer. But as the craziness & stress ensue, I sometimes forget where my love for the art originally came from. This is why, whenever we have a chance, we go on adventures. We break out our cameras and without any goals or deadlines involved; we just shoot. The inspirations come and we are able to bring our visions to life {Plus, my man is starting off in the photog-world, so clearly that adds to the inspiration process}. This was one of those adventures. Below are photos of us; & with that, each persons take on our evening. && we are so ready to share these with you. 


What an honor it is to be kick off my first blog post! As an outside observer to this photographer troupe, I so desire to have the same outlook on life as their photographer eyes. The process it takes; the timings of everything. Obtaining or not obtaining the ever elusive “golden hour.” I am always so impressed with how they create moments in their head, and align them with the contours of life. I am so thankful that my girlfriend has allowed me into her inner circle and is teaching me the art of photography. It was an exhilarating experience to be a part of adventure seekers capturing the last moments of summer.


It's so hard not to feel inspired when you're surrounded by such talented people. Dave, Steph, and Jordan don't only bring a rush of ideas to my mind but they also bring me pure joy. Every adventure we go on is so different from the last. At first its unpacking the car, feeling up the location, deciding what shirt to wear, and then it's a burst of "oh my words" and "lets go over theres" or a bunch of sounds that could pass as someone getting sick, or in our case, excitement {we may be a little too comfortable around each other}. We couldn't have picked a better day to go to Belmar, the weather was perfect and we were definitely in the mood to take some photos, like always. As Dave was teaching Jordan how to use one of Steph's beautiful cameras, Steph and I were ready to start; so we did just that. After a series of splashing around in the water, playing with our hair, putting our hands in our pockets, and some smooching, we captured some amazing photos. I'm so glad I was able to go on another adventure with this group of people, & I absolutely can not wait for the next. However, all things must come to an end and we decided to end this salty adventure with something sweet, so therefore, we treated ourselves to some delicious ice cream; no cherries, but sprinkles were definitely involved.


I always get sentimental when writing a little blurb about our photo adventures because I know these moments will never fade from my memory. I know that I am, one day, going to be 70, sitting on a rocking chair on my front porch made of painted wood, with my dog on one side and my coffee on the other, combing through the past in my mind. The reel will play to the summer of 2016 and will slow to a crawling pace when the photo trip to Belmar is about to begin. The colors of this movie are warm & vibrant. Sunsets, warm sandy beaches, and late night ice cream. It is the intro to a Hollywood film: a couple Philly kids escape the work day. They follow the GPS and slam Wawa hoagies en route to the shore. Windows down. The smell of the beach. We do it to savor the last day’s light. To capture it from where we stand. To not let it slip from our eyes. But that's just what we say. Why we really do it? Because this is the something greater. Each person sacrificing their valuable time for the others to create something beautiful. And we sure did. It makes me happy to think of this memory, even now, when it has only just happened, and when I have only know these people for a couple of years. But tomorrow I will be sitting on my rocking chair, dog on my left and coffee on my right, thinking back on this memory as one of many that have been created with these exact people, who then, I have known for [life].