Emilie & Darrin: Proposal

Last weekend I was able to be apart of my two close friends getting ENGAGED! It really doesn't get much more exciting than that. It took a ton of elaborate planning (& a little scheming) but we surprised sure surprised Emilie! It started with Darrin and I planning what date would work best, and then I made plans with Emilie that day for lunch and a manicure (cause thats just fun, ya know!?). I told Emilie I had a shoot in the morning and would pick her up afterward, and Darrin had made dinner reservations for them that night, so he was going to pick Emilie up after the mani. While we were at lunch I had our friend Liz call and make up this silly story, which could've been completely realistic; that she forgot to ask me to photograph her sister's graduation party. I acted all hesitant and told her I had to talk to Emilie, but would let them know soon. Since Em is the amazing friend that she is, she totally understood and called Darrin right up and asked if he could pick her up earlier; all the while I'm sitting there smiling and nodding thinking, "WAIT! NO! YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE PARTY WITH ME!" but Darrin gracefully recovered and said it would make more sense to pick her up at the park where the party was because it was on the way. SCORE. So after our manicure we headed up to the party and I took a few shots (everyone who was in on it played the part SO well) and then told Liz's mom some lame excuse why I was going to wait to shoot until the sun was at a better place and I mentioned to Emilie that I wanted to scout the area for a potential shoot. So we walked down the path...then I "noticed" this little dirt path that veered off toward the creek (This is where Darrin had been prepping all day to get ready for the big moment alongside Becca who set up the cameras for the video). We headed down that way and as soon as she saw Darrin she just says to me, "OH NO YOU DIDN'T." ...well yeah, Em, I kinda did. Enjoy!

I've loved watching Emilie and Darrin's relationship blossom ever since our Senior year of high school and I'm so privileged to be able to call them my friends! I can't wait to photograph more of your journey as you prepare to get married in 2015!