Ashley & Steve: Engagement

Last weekend, hubs and I drove up to the Trexler Nature Preserve for the first time to scout for Ashley & Steve’s engagement photos!

We took the one way road around the preserve and decided , “oh we’ll come back to these spots if we like them the most!” only to almost get to the bottom of the one-way road and realize 1. we had to drive over a river pass in my low sedan to get out of the preserve and 2. it was far too many miles to get back to the top where we planned on returning and have the sun still shining. Those parks close as dusk, yanno?

So we found a beautiful spot along the river and decided we’d figure that all out later, sent Ashley + Steve a pin for where to meet us and continued to scout for the evening. When they arrived the sun was low, the temperature was down and we had the most beautiful first half of our session!

Now the question was… is there another way out of this park or am I gonna have to water-log my car? We drove the opposite direction in hopes that we could find another exit and head back up to the top of the mountain, but of course, there was a closed gate with no one manning it. Jordan hopped out of the car to see if he could figure out how to get the gate open, but to no avail. So we turned around and headed to the river pass. Scaredy-cat me made Jordan do the driving at this point and alas, we DID NOT float away into the river and found the most perfect spot for the sunset half of their session.

It was all worth it. And we even went back to hike at the preserve the next day. Enjoy these sweet photos! xo